welcome to north wayland road canine park-n-play

North Wayland Road Canine Park-N-Play has a little over an acre fenced in for you and your dog to run and play. It's a great place to let your dog be a dog, and not have to worry about someone else's off leash dog spoiling the fun. There are many other places available too. It's worth checking out to see which place is right for you and your dog. Affordable-Private bookings are available through sniffspot.com

Here at North Wayland Road Canine Park-N-Play we continuously change the canine play objects in the yard throughout the year. There are always different things for dogs to check out and sniff, and enough room to run and play. Whether your looking for a place to proof your dogs off leash recall, play ball, have a scheduled meet-n-greet with a new dog, have a birthday party for your dog, or just let them run and play, your dog will love it here!